Dataflair Systems Pty Ltd
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Dataflair is a family owned company that has been providing computer systems design and development services to clients in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since the mid 1990s.

Archive Manager
Archive Browser
Archive Server
For the last 15 years, our main focus has been on the provision of archival management software to cater for the needs of small archives in maintaining archival descriptors that can be used as finding aids to retrieve associated archival materials. Because archiving is a long term activity, these applications (Archive Manager, Archive Browser and Archive Server) have been designed to be capable of adapting to evolving computer technologies. A key element of meeting this goal has been the use of non-proprietary standards. For example database design is based on compliance with the ISAD(G) standard for archival descriptors, data storage uses ANSI standards for databases and the applications are based on Java and/or web technologies to minimise reliance on proprietary operating environments.

While the use of standards gives users the security of knowing that their data remains accessible and can be migrated as standards evolve, it is also important that the software itself continues to adapt to the ever changing computer landscape. Dataflair has dealt with these challenges to date, but with both directors now approaching retirement, we have decided that the time has come to pass this task on to SDS Archive Manager Ltd, an organisation with the skills and resources to take our applications into the future.

SDS has a strong base in archival services, providing heritage web sites and document digitisation services to a broad customer base, many of whom are also users of Dataflair's archival management software applications. Since SDS will be responsible for future software development and distribution, the facilities to download new software releases may now be found exclusively on the SDS web site at For the convenience of our current clients, all software released prior to 1 January 2016 will remain available for download from the Support page of this site.

Support for customers that have a current maintenance contract with Dataflair will continue to be provided by us until the contract expires, at which time you may expect SDS to send you a renewal reminder notice. Furthermore, Dataflair will assist SDS with customer support for the foreseeable future, so we will continue to maintain our Support and Resources pages and respond to all user requests for information about general technical and operational issues.

We will also provide associated training and data migration services (see the Services page for full details).